I began to have a strong desire to create in 2014 but it was hard for me to think about painting in any way because the images I saw in art journaling magazines were so beautiful, I didn’t think I had that skill inside of me.

I was intimidated and my first few art journaling attempts were horrible. I did not know how to use the tools and the supplies presented to me in books and magazines. But something inside of me wanted to keep trying. I was quite intrigued with art journaling and how you can create beautiful pages by gluing ripped up magazines and papers and painting over and over again on top of each other. It was meditation for me. As my skillset grew, so did my love for mixed media. I kept experimenting with art supplies and technique.

I painted fiercely for a few years and then took a break for a period of time. I left my art supplies in storage and in 2019 took them out again as I missed working with my hands. I missed the whole creative process and the satisfaction I felt when I finished a piece of artwork. I also missed the clarity and peace that spending time at my art table brought me.

I have not stopped since then and realize that my artmaking has a purpose for me. The act of creation is quite meditative and makes me feel at peace. The process of painting and creating is more important than the end result of the artwork. Even as I keep developing my technique, my process, there is no endpoint. It is a constant evolution and that is what I love so much about making art.