I work with a variety of media and preferred mediums and brands are going to vary from artist to artist. You really need to explore what you like and discover your own personal likes and dislikes. You do not need the most expensive supplies in order to produce high quality work.

I generally paint on smaller canvas and am currently experimenting on bigger canvases. Instead of buying artist grade canvases for this, I have purchased large prints at Value Village and GESSOED the crap out of them as a base for experimentation.  

In the beginning you can research before you buy but really the fun is in experimenting! I use everything from Grade A quality paints like Golden and Liquitex to lesser quality craft paints. I am particularly a fan of Martha Stewart’s acrylic line.

I also tend to have a particular colour palette that I enjoy working with – mostly seafoam blues, and soft greens with a bit of melon pink! Having fun and experimenting is key but I would be lost if I did not have my white posca pens.

Right now, I am working on birch panels that were produced locally, as well as Masonite panels. I like using Masonite panels for my storygirls as they are easy to scan afterwards to create prints.

I primarily use acrylic paints and have a variety of Golden, Liquitex and Wallack’s paints.

I am also a fan of Faber Castell pens and markers and love Tombow Dual Brush Pens for that watercolor feel.

As for paint brushes I do not buy quality paintbrushes because I’m very hard on my brushes. I buy watercolor brushes as well as acrylic brushes. 

Have fun exploring and paint on!