Art is a way for me to express myself and to escape into another world. It is like my heart is speaking through the images and in the process of what I am feeling without words.

I think the meaning of “ARTIST” has so many connotations for different people and as a creative being, which we all are, its really an expression of the inner workings of your being. It brings me a little bit of peace and joy in my life, like meditation and its purpose is to release whatever is going on inside of me.

Yes, some of my art is sold for currency and the main purpose is to bring a little piece of joy into someone’s home. This is why I like to create whimsical sheep, owls, and whimsical girls. Anyone can express themselves through arts. The act of expressing oneself whether it be through painting or writing or singing or dancing is what we are meant to do, for pleasure, for learning about oneself, and as a spiritual practice if that is what we like.

Art for me is really about the process. It is about the layering of paints and getting messy, fine tuning, going over and over again on a substrate. At the end of the day, it does not matter the outcome as I trust in the process.

It has become a spiritual practice for me as I am learning more and more about how to use art as a medium for healing (which we all need!) and as a practice for exploration of my inner world.