I practice art everyday from doodling in my sketch book to painting a power symbol for me to meditate on. Even if what comes out makes no sense at the time, tapping into my creativity gives me peace and joy. Some days I only paint for 5 minutes, adding a little white here, a dab of yellow there. Other days, I can spend hours painting, not thinking at all, watching the colors dance on the canvas.

Art making has become a habit, a discipline and while creating I find myself 100% engaged in the process. I am a seeker, always wanting to learn more on developing my full potential while here on earth. For me, being creative is part of that journey. What happens on the canvas is special and I never know how the painting will look at the end. I generally have an idea, a spark but never a clear vision of what will show up.

The practice of painting gives me joy and for that passage of time, my left brain shuts down, as well as the chatter and the fears. I completely lose all sense of time and am entirely in the present moment!

It is not about what I can “produce”. What is important to me is taking this special time out of the everyday life to nourish my authentic self. What happens while I create on the canvas is like a dance for my soul to show up in a joyful, happy flow state. Sometimes this dance is slow, allowing my inner state to calm down and be, and sometimes the dance inspires me, moves me, energizes me with a renewed sense of “YEAH I LOVE LIFE” feeling.

It is a form of self-care and I LOVE taking care of myself! I encourage you to create everyday, develop your own personal art practice. What an awesome gift you can give to yourself.