Does it feel like the whole world is upside down right now? What an intense couple of days. In Nova Scotia, we are seeing an increase in COVID, the US election is happening, and anxiety is rising!

As I continue with my creatively fit coaching training, the practice for this lesson is to connect to Mother eARTh, to ground myself. I feel grounded when I am close to trees, water, and flowers. I love flowers and dream of having a flower garden again!

What I love about this practice is the exploration and experimentation. I am getting to use paints that were tucked away in a box. I am trying different canvas sizes and added different elements to the painting.

Do I judge myself during this process – yes – I do! And I also quickly remind myself I am a student and allow myself to have fun and experiment. What is the worst that could happen? I paint over the canvas and start again!!!

This landscape has everything I need to be grounded. Trees to help me grow; water that gently caresses my soul and reminds me not to resist, to let go; beautiful flowers dancing in the wind to provide me with inspiration and joy; and the birds flying off in the distant to remind me of connection, hope, love and freedom.