Hello my lovely friends! In addition to taking the creatively fit coaching program (which includes painting daily!), I’ve got a project in the works! Release date: January 2021.

It is called Painting Joy with Elephant.

Painting Joy with Elephant is all about giving people an opportunity to practice relaxation through a series of guided meditations and easy to follow painting lessons. The end result – a colorful, multi layered painting of an elephant head.

I choose the elephant because Elephants teach us how to nourish our mind, body, and spirit so you can be strong during trying times. It is also a beautiful mammal, wise and majestic.

For me, learning about self care has been a revelation. I think many of us understand the concept of self care however we don’t put it into practice on a regular basis. The importance of self care is tremendously vital for my well being. Taking care of yourself is essential for experiencing joy. You cannot feel joy and contentment when you are depleted, burnt out and running yourself into the ground with activities and responsibilities. Your soul demands self care so you can do the work that you want to do in this world!!!

Creating an online course is quite a process. There is audio, video, script, the framework, splitting, slicing, editing, building a home to house the course online, etc., etc., etc.….and of course, the actual painting of the elephant head!

Although I enjoy the process (I do, I do!), it does take me away from PAINTING!!! ha ha. I created several elephants for this course, all with the same process that I teach in the course.


This course is for anyone – no painting experience necessary. Sometimes, if you are new to painting, negative mental chatter can happen. This is why I added guided meditations before each lesson to help people calm their mind and relax before each painting lesson.

Here is a glimpse of my new online course:

Lesson 6 – painting elephant

Lesson 5 – drawing elephant

Lesson 4 – circles

Lesson 2 – self care wheel

Me in nature practicing self-care


Can’t wait to share it with you!