I am a Canadian based mixed media artist with a passion for animals, florals and nature. I started art journaling in 2014 as a fun new way to lift me up when times were stressful. Art is meditation for me.

In the process of creating mixed media art, I lose myself and open myself up to my unique creativity. This form of creating combines several mediums in one single piece of artwork. Sometimes I collage. Sometimes I draw in ink, then paint with acrylic, then add highlights with a Posca pen. Sometimes I add stamps or bits of paper to the piece. With mixed media, anything goes and there is no right way to get to the finished piece. I love the entire process.

What I AM Doing Now

In addition to the standard ABOUT ME, I want to share with you what I am focused on NOW at this point in my life (2021). I’m learning how to use art as a way to heal and communicate what is going on inside of my inner world, developing a personal painting practice. I launched my first online course Painting Joy with Elephant and will continue to build on my painting joy series. 

I moved to Nova Scotia to be close to the ocean (my first love) and am enjoying the beauty of what this province has to offer. I love drinking coffee in the morning, being with my dog Lulu and learning every day how to appreciate simple things. 


Working on Now

My Octopus

After watching My Octopus Teacher, I was compelled to paint my version of Octopus. It is to remind me to be flexible, creative and accept the unpredictabe nature of life.  

Painting Joy

A series of online courses to give you an opportunity to practice relaxation and its benefits through a series of guided meditations and easy painting. 

Joy Bird

When a bird opens its wings to soar freely, they let go of all their worries. I am creating a three video micro course using bird as my symbol to represent joy and tranquilty which is the premise of my new online series. 

I am Self Love

Positive self love affirmations are a keystone to a healthy, happy and successful life.

Self love affirmations are an amazing tool for feeling better about yourself and your place in the universe.


Fall River, Nova Scotia, CANADA
(613) 362-5852



with delight. You can’t help but smile when you look at these images. Explore Aly’s mixed media art and let these uplifting images bring joy to your day.