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What My Art Means To Me

Art is a way for me to express myself and to escape into another world. It is like my heart is speaking through the images and in the process of what I am feeling without words. I think the meaning of “ARTIST” has so many connotations for different people and as a...

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Favorite Art Supplies

I work with a variety of media and preferred mediums and brands are going to vary from artist to artist. You really need to explore what you like and discover your own personal likes and dislikes. You do not need the most...

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Evolving As A Mixed Media Artist

I began to have a strong desire to create in 2014 but it was hard for me to think about painting in any way because the images I saw in art journaling magazines were so beautiful, I didn't think I had that skill inside of me. I was intimidated and my first few art...

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Fall River, Nova Scotia, CANADA
(613) 362-5852

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with delight. You can’t help but smile when you look at these images. Explore Aly’s mixed media art and let these uplifting images bring joy to your day.