Lesson 1



open yourself up to love and joy

While painting, you are bringing yourself to the present moment and calming your mind with colors, soothing music and mindful awareness. While doing the act of painting, you are distracting your busy mind and eventually your focus towards the painting will still your mind.

During this time at your canvas, I give you permission to make mistakes, let go, be joyful, dream, lose yourself in the moment and allow yourself to be completely present, in the here and now. Open yourself up and take this time to appreciate yourself and fill yourself up with awareness and expansion.

Today’s Meditation is …

A meditation practice for cultivating joy that you can use anytime and anywhere.

This beautiful meditation will allow the creative frequency of the universe to lift us up and bring peace to our hearts.

We will soothe our hearts, bodies and minds and quiet our rational, logical thinking mind.

During this practice, our right brain will become activated. This part of the brain is intuitive and can access your truest knowing.

It can be a beautiful reminder of aligning you with your dreams and visions for your life.


Find yourself a quiet space, watch the video and meditate along with me.

Enjoy the guided meditation audio any time.  

Lesson 1: Creating a Gratitude Mandala 

Wear gratitude like a cloak and it will feed every corner of your life.    ~ Rumi

  • Gather your supplies
  • Choose your painting space
  • Bring a candle, plants, a cup of tea, or any sacred objects that speak to you into the space
  • Assemble your canvas, your paints, brushes, water, and a rag

I will guide you in this painting practice and will be by your side every step of the way. Whether you have painted before or this is the first time picking up a paint brush, be gentle with yourself, enjoy this process and get lost in the colors melding into each other. We will be layering colors on top of each other, playing and creating a medley of form and light.

What you paint matters …

When you paint, you will gain insight into who you are.

Free yourself from any old stories around being creative or around painting. Being creative is everyone’s birthright. We are all born creative. What you put on the canvas is what is inside of you, a reflection, a mirror.

  • When you paint a hummingbird, you get your joy on
  • When you paint water, you amplify peace and flow 

  • When you want to trust yourself, paint feathers 

The very process of painting lets us be in the present moment and aligns our energy with our true center.


during your painting session …


You may experience negative inner self-talk. “I am not creative”, “Why am I doing this, I should be doing FILL IN THE BLANK”, “I can’t paint”, “Am I doing this right” ?.

This is normal. My hope, my sincere wish, is to get you to a place where you start being in the flow and enjoy the process of painting. Stop thinking and be in the moment.

Creativity is your birth right. Anyone can create. We will start each painting session with a meditation to connect you to your energy, to soothe your mind and to let go of any negative inner self-talk.This painting practice is for you and only you. It is an opportunity for you to take care of yourself, to have joy, to be you and express who you are on the canvas. Don’t hold back. Release everything on the canvas. Free your mind. We paint how we feel. This is about the experience of painting.

I recently saw a meme on social media – the back of a naked women with the message: “We were not put on this earth to pay bills or to lose weight”. Some of you, the rational ones, will be thinking “I have to pay my bills, etc.. I know. I know… But this simple meme struck me deeply. I am here – right now – to express who I am whether through singing, writing, dancing or painting, (I choose painting), I am more than this. So are you!

Let’s begin!

In this lesson we are going to cultivate gratitude by creating a GRATITUDE mandala.

When we focus on one thing that we are grateful for, our heart begins to open and we shift from fear based negative thinking to a love based positive state! Who doesn’t love that????

All you need for this lesson is your canvas, paint pens or markers or you can paint your words with a fine brush. Get comfortable — find a quiet and undisturbed place where you can relax. Being interrupted might cut your creative flow.


our brains are wired for a negativity bias? 

Psychologist Rick Hanson describes the negativity bias in simple terms:

“This bias developed because the ancient mammals, primates, and early humans that were all mellow and fearless did not notice the shadow overhead or slither nearby that CHOMP! killed them. The ones that survived to pass on their genes were nervous and cranky, and we are their great-grandchildren, sitting atop the food chain, armed with nuclear weapons.”

What this means is your brain is constantly on the look out for bad news. When it finds bad news, it fixates on it and stores it tightly into your brain. At the hint of anything even vaguely similar, it becomes reactivated! Good news does not get as much attention in the brain. It gets kinda like a “oh whatever” pass.  

Our brains are stuck in negativity bias most of the day without us even realizing it!!!!


Over the next few weeks, you are invited to practice gratitude.

Take a minute or two in the morning and write down what you are grateful for. Look at your gratitude mandala, take a picture of it, print it out, put it on your fridge or on a wall!

Gratitude is associated with greater happiness and helps you feel more positive emotions.

Your Painting Journey

I want you to bless yourself for taking the time for self-care and connect with the energy of gratitude.

Being thankful for the person you are, being thankful for you experiences, being thankful for having the opportunity to experience joy and peace as we move through each lesson.

 You are a beautiful soul and deserve to be here.  Thank you for accompanying me on this painting joy experience!