Painting Joy

The aim of this course is to give you an opportunity to practice relaxation and its benefits with an easy painting practice.


All you need for this painting joy journey is a large canvas, a variety of acrylic paints, pens or markers, a few paint brushes, container for water, rags, and a palette to hold paint.


Get comfortable — find a quiet and undisturbed place where you can relax. Being interrupted might cut your creative flow.

 In lesson 1 we are going to paint our words of INTENTION and add dimension to our painting with layers and stencils!

This is how we focus our creativity.

Use your INTENTION as a mindfulness meditation – it can be about anything.

 In lesson 2 we are going to draw a very simple lotus flower. 

One thing I have learned over time is to enjoy creating shapes that eventually turn into an animal, a flower, a plant. I don’t do details and draw for myself. I draw the way I want to draw.

In this lesson, give yourself permission to draw the way you want to draw! 


 In lesson 3 we are going to paint some joy! Grab your colors and lets create magical combinations on your canvas.

This painting practice is not about the end product it is about the process. 

As we start with the delicious painting of the lotus flower, I would like you to tune in to your own creative process.


Your Painting Journey

I want you to bless yourself for taking the time for self-care and connect with the energy of painting joy.

Being thankful for the person you are, being thankful for you experiences, being thankful for having the opportunity to experience joy and peace as we move through each lesson.

You are a beautiful soul and deserve to be here.  Thank you for accompanying me on this painting joy experience!

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with delight. You can’t help but smile when you look at these images. Explore Aly’s mixed media art and let these uplifting images bring joy to your day.