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Connecting to Mother eARTh

Connecting to Mother eARTh

Does it feel like the whole world is upside down right now? What an intense couple of days. In Nova Scotia, we are seeing an increase in COVID, the US election is happening, and anxiety is rising! As I continue with my creatively fit coaching training, the practice...

When I gave up being creative

When I gave up being creative

In fourth grade, we were asked to partner up and draw/color each other’s faces. I was partnered with Karla, a dark-skinned girl from India. I was excited, drew what I thought was representative of what I was seeing and colored her face with a nice chocolate color...

Creating Everyday

Creating Everyday

I practice art everyday from doodling in my sketch book to painting a power symbol for me to meditate on. Even if what comes out makes no sense at the time, tapping into my creativity gives me peace and joy. Some days I only paint for 5 minutes, adding a little white...


Alyssa Blais

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Upcoming Exhibition

Square Show

September 8 – Oct 9, 2020

Art 2 Sea Gallery
41 Water St, Pictou, NS B0K 1H0


October 15 – November 5, 2020

Mental Health Art Exhibition
at The Craig Gallery

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with delight. You can’t help but smile when you look at these images. Explore Aly’s mixed media art and let these uplifting images bring joy to your day.